Beauty Tips for Moms

health tipsBetween play dates, carpool, parent-teacher conferences and all of the other daily parenting activities that many moms take part in, beauty can become a long-forgotten concept. Whether you are a new mom to an infant or a veteran with tweens or teens, every mom can take some time out to pamper and beautify herself. Simple beauty tips and tricks can help even the busiest mom to fit a little bit of luxury into the day.
Home Beauty Masks and Treatments

Essential Beauty Tips

health tipsFollowing essential beauty tips is not always expensive. Achieving beauty involves learning the secrets of looking and feeling great. suggests that appearance is a minor part of who a person is and suggests that along with learning beauty tips, you make a point of describing other important qualities of yourself as well.

Body Beauty Tips

A great body can lead to increased self-esteem, increased self-confidence, and even an increased social life. Flip open a magazine and check out the models inside. Plenty of alterations are made to those photos to make those bodies look as good as they do. The good news is that it is just as easy to get a good looking body in real life. Want a great bod? No problem, these simple techniques can help you get a great (real) body of your own.


Tips on Starting a Beauty Salon

health tipsEveryone likes to look their best. Hair and beauty salons remain one of the fastest growing industries based on the demand from clients. Starting a beauty salon can be done with a moderate amount of investment, making it a smart choice for a small business.

Supermodel Beauty Tips

health tipsSupermodels are typically considered some of the most beautiful women in the world, and while magazines and advertisements may use airbrushing techniques to erase any minor flaws that might exist, supermodels know how to take care themselves so they always look their best. Many supermodels share tips and tricks with one another that help keep their skin looking smooth and bright or their makeup looking flawless. While the average woman may not have to worry about paparazzi following her every move, these supermodel beauty tips can help her look her best when going to work, school or a girls' night out.
Start From the Inside Out
Most supermodels subscribe to the theory that in order to look your best on the outside, you have to take care of yourself on the inside. Proper diet and exercise are a part of all models' regimens. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day keeps you hydrated and helps keep skin clear and bright. Some supermodels recommend coconut water, which hydrates like regular water but also contains many important minerals. Vitamin supplements are another way to keep hair, skin and nails looking healthy. Biotin, zinc, lutein and fatty acid supplements may be beneficial for hair, skin and nails.
Use Sunscreen Daily
In order to keep their skin smooth and free of discoloration, supermodels rely on sunscreen to protect them from sun exposure. Rays from the sun cause the skin to produce more melanin, a substance which produces dark pigment. Using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 on a daily basis prevents sun damage and reduces your risk of skin cancer. When supermodels want to look tanned, they use self-tanning products or bronzers to get a darker look without risking sun damage.
Open Up the Eyes with an Eyelash Curler.
When they want to look more awake, supermodels often apply white or beige eyeliner along the inner rim of their lower eyelid to make eyes pop. Using an eyelash curler before applying mascara helps open up the eye as well. Supermodels also rely on black mascara to lengthen and thicken their lashes to draw attention to their eyes.

How to Stretch Your Makeup and Beauty Budget

health tipsAre you sick of spending tons of money on beauty products? You would be surprised at the number of household products that are a great (and cheap) substitute for some of your favorite beauty products. You can also use products you already have in a different way to save money on beauty supplies.

Difficulty: Easy

Let's start with cleansing and work our way up. For a cheap eye-makeup and foundation remover, use baby wipes. These work just as well and are much cheaper than those remover wipes sold in the beauty aisles.
For a cheap teeth-whitening solution that also removes bad breath and cuts inside your mouth, use Hyrogen Peroxide. It may not be the best tasting, but this common household item gets rid of cold sores and blisters fast, as well as subtly whitening your teeth if used regularly.
If you don't want to use foundation or have really dry skin but want some kind of tint, either buy already tinted moisturizer or mix a dab of foundation you already have into your daily dose of moisturizer. You will have a slight glow but it will take much longer to use up your foundation. It is also better for your skin.
For 'blush' in a pinch, you can either pinch your cheeks right before you have your picture taken or greet the person you want to see.

Beauty Tips From the Kitchen

As of 2008, women purchase approximately $7 billion annually worth of beauty products and cosmetics. With all the fancy advertisements and celebrity endorsements, it's tough to avoid all of the media persuasion, but many beauty remedies can be found in our own kitchens. Not only will this save you money, but the remedies stay organic when they come from fruit, vegetables and other natural ingredients.

Facial Scrubs and Masks
Mix sugar and olive oil together. Using a toothbrush or finger, rub in little circular motions on your lips to exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin.

Monologue Tips for Beauty Pageants

The talent portion of a beauty pageant can be stressful, so it pays to be well prepared. A monologue is a good choice for the talent competition, because when it's done well it can reveal a lot about the contestant's personality. Don't wait until the last minute to put together your talent piece. Preparation shows when you're on stage and gives the judges the best impression of you as a whole.
Choose Carefully

Natural Beauty Tips for Winter

health tipsWinter boasts a magical wonderland of snowflakes and holidays, but can winter weather can cause incredible damage to your skin and body. Improper body care during cold weather may lead to dehydration and cracked, uncomfortable and unsightly skin conditions. There are several ways to maintain a beautiful appearance during winter without spending money on costly beauty products.
Moisturize Daily

Moisturize your face each day.
Use a facial moisturizer each morning to keep your face feeling fresh and smooth. Sunburn can occur during winter, especially if you're on the ski slopes, so select a moisturizer that contains both a sunscreen and natural humectant like, vitamin E. (See Reference 1.)

Exercise during the winter to stay in shape.
During the winter, exercise several times each week. Exercise not only helps you maintain a healthy body weight naturally, but also increases blood flow to all parts of your body. Stay limber and prevent muscle stiffness that sometimes occurs during cold weather. (See Reference 2.)
Shower Minimally

Too much showering can dry out your skin.
Drink plenty of water during the winter to helps your body stay hydrated. Watch the water with too much showering or bathing which can actually dry out your skin. (See Reference 1.) Shower minimally for the smoothest, healthiest winter skin. When you do shower, use lukewarm water and apply moisturizing lotion to your face and body immediately after.
Dress Appropriately

Select warm winter clothes.
Proper winter attire protects your body from prolonged exposure to the cold. Select warm, comfortable clothing during the winter months. While wool is one of the warmest fabrics, it may cause skin irritation and itching, so opt for a more body-friendly fabric, such as cotton, and dress in layers. (See Reference 2.) Before venturing outdoors, select a warm scarf to cover your face. This will reduce your chances of windburn. Also select a comfortable pair of gloves to keep your hands and fingernails soft and chap-free.

Eye Shadow Beauty Tips

Skillfully applied eye shadow should enhance beauty without drawing attention to itself. But when eye shadow is poorly or incorrectly applied, the results may attract attention for all the wrong reasons. A few simple eye shadow tips can go a long way toward boosting natural beauty, while simplifying the daily makeup regimen.


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