Teenage Beauty Tips

health tipsLooking your best during the teenage years isn't always easy, especially when you have to deal with new-found pressures and rapidly changing hormone levels. Acne and weight gain are just two things that can occur during this time that can cause a negative self-image. However, there are things you can do to make yourself look and feel more confident and ultimately bring out your inner beauty.
Get Enough Rest

Beauty Pageant Fashion Tips

health tipsBeauty pageants are highly competitive' they require intense work and dedication. Following pageant rules is the most important thing to do. When it comes time to pick your clothing for the pageant, keep the rules in mind. Not abiding by the rules means point loss, and perhaps even disqualification. Choosing fashionable clothing is essential if you want to win the competition. Feeling confident in how you look is important.

How to Attract You to Yourself, then Attract the Men, Beauty Tips ...

I'm sure you've heard the story of Cinderella and even movies today have some of the same concept, the hero man who will save you and you will have a great life.
True life doesn't end with a man saving you in a hummer.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:
A desire to get a life.
New clothing
Self examination
An open mind
We all have desires and want to have them someday. So, whether you met someone or not doesn't change your dreams. Yet we don't usually get those desires.
Question is why do women not get their desires? Number One Reason-men! We get side tracked and think because we have "him" we have a life. How can we stop this?

Your job, your money and your future.
Go to some type of school so you can make a living for yourself alone or if your already employed go for the career mode with your job.
The idea here is this; he is not going to fix or achieve your money needs, desires or wants, oh sure, there maybe that one in a million type but I'm talking about your average guy.

A simple dress with high heeled shoes is sexy and femine.
Let's face it with most men it's about sex and looks. Not typical looks, but looks that attractive him in an individual way, such as; maybe he likes your eyes and laugh usually it's a combo.
Now that we understand our finances better, what about our looks, do you dress just for fashion or do we like fashions but will only wear what flatters our body? What to do about makeup? You want to look good and feel good, which, makes you happy.
Look at your body shape and try on different clothes to see what looks more flattering, big converse tennis shoes are for the park. Feminine clothes are best for women, period unless your not a heterosexual, we want to achieve the opposite of a guy.
So, get a salesperson to help you with your clothes and get a neutral opinion. Get what you like and not just because it looks good on the rack or because your friends wear the clothes, the idea is to look desirable to yourself as well as others, if you have doubts-don't buy or wear it.
Hair-Just because most guys like long hair doesn't mean it can be achieved with a beautiful desire, long hair is hard to maintain and to keep looking neat and healthy.

How to Get Free Health and Beauty Products

Through the use of coupons, sales and your favorite pharmacy's customer rewards program, you too can get free health and beauty items each week. Here is a step by step guide on how to get free items and save money while you shop.

Difficulty: Easy

Sign up for email updates from your favorite national chain pharmacy. Make sure to sign up for their customer rewards program as well. Both of these items can be found on your pharmacy's homepage. Review their coupon policy as well, while on their website.
Search online for fan sites for your favorite pharmacy. Afullcup.com has a forum for most national pharmacies. Review the forum listings in each pharmacy you would like to shop. Most have a listing of this week's sales with coupon match-ups (a sale item followed by an applicable coupon) and final prices, after discounts. Make sure to consult your applicable forum prior to shopping. Make a list and stick to it.

Homemade Beauty Tips to Make Soft Lips

health tipsSoft and supple lips are a physical trait that is highly sought after and attractive in men and women. Having soft lips can create a big confidence boost and reason for you to smile. There are a plethora of products on the market that are targeted at achieving and maintaining this goal, but for an inexpensive and easy alternative you can use ingredients and items you already have in your own home to make your own lip softening treatments.
Sugar Exfoliation
Exfoliation, or the sloughing off of dead skin, is a necessary step in achieving soft and kissable lips. Dry dead skin can build up on chapped lips, so using a homemade scrub consisting of equal parts granulated sugar and olive oil can be rubbed on your lips in a circular motion to remove the dead skin and add extra moisture. This intense exfoliation should be done once a week.
Toothbrush Exfoliation
Gentle dry exfoliation can be done to remove any dead and dry skin and allow moisture to soak in. Use a soft clean dry toothbrush to gently brush off any dead skin from your lips. This is a quick and easy exfoliation technique that you can do anywhere. This technique is also less abrasive than the sugar scrub, so it can be done daily, or as necessary.
Hydrating Masque
Create an intense hydration masque for your lips by mixing up a small amount of equal parts petroleum jelly and honey that can be applied liberally to your lips. This natural mixture will seal in moisture and help protect your lips. Apply this treatment before going to bed to allow the treatment time to soak in without being rubbed off.

Beauty Tips & Facts

health tipsMaintaining vibrant glowing skin and thick healthy hair is simple with a few basic steps and a consistent effort. Like most methods, the results you achieve are cumulative. This means that you need to put these habits into practice on a daily basis, With time, your overall appearance will improve.
Raw Honey

Indian Beauty Tips With Red Sandalwood

Red sandalwood has many uses for your hair, feet, skin and a variety of ailments. It helps promote a clean and clear skin tone, and maintain a good complexion. Red sandalwood is mainly found in India where it is referred to as chandana. It is processed to obtain sandalwood powder.

Beauty & Hygiene Tips for Healthcare Workers

Those who work in the health care industry do a valuable service to patients who need care, and many dress code regulations in the industry are designed to keep the safety and hygiene of patients and health care workers in mind. While there are dress codes at many medical facilities, beauty and hygiene tips for health care workers are effective in keeping germs from spreading and maintaining a sense of professionalism.

Beauty and Clothing

Home Tips for Weight Loss & Beauty

health tipsSince losing pounds and feeling beautiful go hand in hand, it's always worthwhile to investigate home tips for weight loss and beauty. You don't always need to buy expensive products or invest in fancy exercise equipment to look great or lose weight. Try out these simple hints first.

Eat Right

Wrap Around A Healthy Diet

Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets and Tips

health tipsThe ancient Egyptians placed beauty on a very high pedestal. They took care of their skin and had many different things they used to keep the skin smooth and moisturized. Makeup was worn by men and women alike to enhance the natural beauty of the face, and they also both wore wigs to give the illusion of stylish, healthy hair.
Skin Care

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