What to Do If the Neighbor Complains All the Time?

Not all neighbors will welcome you over to borrow a cup of sugar, or chat over a cup of coffee. If you're dealing with a complaining neighbor, it can easily make your living situation unbearable. Whether your neighbor is being nosy and reporting you to the authorities over petty issues, or simply seems to have a personal vendetta against you, there's plenty you can do to resolve the problem.

Talk It Out

Get to the bottom of your neighbor's complaints by identifying the root of the problem. Ask your neighbor politely to discuss the issue he seems to be having with you. In some cases, the problem he's focusing on may not be what's really bothering him. Offer to sit down and chat about the conflicts you're having, and try to arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution before your relationship deteriorates further.

Tune It Out

If talking to your neighbor doesn't seem to do the trick, and you're confident that you're not doing anything wrong, ignore the complaints and continue with your daily business. It may be that your neighbor is simply looking for attention, or has nothing better to do than pick fights. If so, it's best not to engage or respond.

Seek Mediation

If you live in an apartment complex, or a neighborhood with a home owner's association, discuss your issues with your management team. They may be able to serve as a neutral third party, and help you resolve your conflict with your neighbor. This approach can allow you and your neighbor to voice your opinions, thoughts and concerns, and have a third party not only listen to and document these issues, but also provide insights from an outsider's point of view.

Contact Authorities

If your neighbor remains a serious nuisance no matter which of the previous strategies you've tried, you may need file a complaint with your local police or sheriff's department. Provide as much description and documentation as possible, so that the officers can easily understand the nature of your complaint (e.g., harassment, noise violations or trespassing). Typically, the police will send an officer to investigate the situation. Depending on the results of this investigation, your neighbor may receive a citation or fine; in some cases, you may also be able to sue a troublesome neighbor for damages.